The Johnson Group is very concerned about the fairness and equal opportunity for all its employees.  We strictly comply with all federal, state and local laws regarding Equal Opportunity, regardless of sex, age, race, national origin or handicap.

The following is the manner in which all of our employees are hired:

1.  All prospective employees are interviewed and are rated on the basis of experience, neatness and perceived ability.

2.  All applicants who are graded as employable will then have their references checked, both previous employers and personal references.

a.  Previous employers will be asked questions regarding character, honesty and reliability.
b.  Personal references will be asked to verify character

3.  Applicants will be required to obtain and submit a clean police record.

4.  Referral by current employees will not be the sole basis for hiring.

5.  All new employees will have to have all of the aforementioned guidelines met.

6.  Our employees are our primary asset, so it is incumbent upon those hiring to hire only the best!

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