The Johnson Group has provided janitorial services to some of Charlotte’s most prestigious properties since 1991.  We strive to provide the most consistent, first class services available in North Carolina.

Service Unexcelled!

  • Continuous Quality Control
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Innovative Equipment
  • Employee Quality Incentives

The Johnson Group is well versed in the cleaning of Class A facilities including multi-tenant facilities occupied primarily by a single tenant headquarters.

Our management approach is proactive rather than reactive.  This approach allows us to maintain a consistent level of quality and service placing the responsibility of supervision upon our management team rather than the client.

Our variable option proposal outlines a variety of services and payment plans which we will tailor to your particular needs.  We would like to be considered for your future contract cleaning needs.  Contact Us today for more information.


Licensed & Insured • References Available • No Obligation Survey & Proposal

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